About us

Who are we?

FYN ™ is a surf fins brand created in 2014. The invention of the ADAC SYSTEM (Adaptive Dynamics Attack & Camber patents 2014 European & US PTO in 2015) is the origin of the brand. Legal domiciliation and management of the brand and FYN ADAC system are provided by the French company:

69 chemin de la seviaz
74370 Naves Haute-Savoie
SIRET :35247278100033 TVA : FR15352472781

Specializing in aero hydrodynamic design and manufacture of fluid mechanics software, creative company of the FYN brand applies its knowledge in training and consulting in aero / hydrodynamic with major industrial players of boating and aviation since 12 years. MECAFLUX Heliciel and software applied to the propeller Aerohydrodynamic, foils and wings, is a reference and is use in many universities and companies specializing in hydrodynamics and aeronautics in Europe, United-States, Canada, Brazil, Australia or Japan…
Our GENOME™ is 100% made in France, with a team of industrial specialists and craftsmen in Haute-Savoie and the Basque country. They express their excellence and creativity in all parts of the ADAC SYSTEM™ and the GENOME™.

Where are you?

You can meet the FYN™ team depending the season (surfing / skiing / Wake surfing ...), in Haute-Savoie during winter or summer, and Basque country during spring or autumn, depending the mood and friends.

What's your approach?

The scientific approach that we apply, is based on an dynamic analysis of actions settings in the various phases of surfing trajectories, and experimental validation of the theoretical assumptions of hydrodynamics. We published on various partner sites articles mentioning our work, it's normal that surfers who are looking for strong arguments discover our work on the ADAC system™. Our references and models among the "shapers / researchers" are "Simmons" which delves into the study of naval hydrodynamics of planing hulls to invent the concave in 1950 and carefully notes all these experimental results based on changes it tests dimensions. Or "Greenought" who invents an evolution of the surf fin, by conducting series of objective tests, and showed the possible optimizations against widespread practice of the moment. Their work will not be known until a long time because they spend most of their time tinkering in their garages between testing phases. Or basically Tom Blake who invented the fin in 1936 who was ignored for 10 years. Even the inventor of surf leash sees surfers colleagues make fun of his string has the leg. We remain humble in relation to the pioneers that we believe, and their examples remind us that innovation is initiated by hardworking and persevering people who know the value of their work through their trials and checks. Innovations always require time to be known and appreciated, objectively tested before being accepted and used. We understand Jacques Monod: "When you want to innovate you encounter three types of people against you: those who want to do the same, those who do the opposite and those who do nothing, so everyone ". We're not hurry, we have successfully completed our hydrodynamic engineering work, and we know why our system is effective and how it works. It brings fluidity, acceleration, new feeling and performance gains that the theory had let us imagine. But the management of the ADAC system™ involves a change in usual positions and movements, involving the curiosity and desire to explore its propulsion and maneuvering effects instinctively draw new paths. We have done our part of the way between the theoretical optimization and the practice, now we'll just ride and enjoy new sensations with the GENOME™ with everyone who want to enjoy with us!

Why I didn't know you before?

Dynamic fins live and act under the surface, we do not see them, but we feel something alive under the board! Our style is sober, black and white, because the key is inside. Those who expect that advertising and media campaigns tell them with what to surf and what to shape will not find us. We are fortunate to not have urgent business imperatives or depreciation that require advertising approach and intense media coverage. The heart of the business works serenely on the study and implementation of hydrodynamic system with large companies. FYN™ project is the pleasure of a surfer family, expressing our mastery of the hydrodynamics of the ADAC system™ applied to surf. This makes us rather quiet at the commercial approach. We produce local, with our network of passionate partners and human-sized companies where each person is interested and brings his vision. So we took our time to optimize our technology, patents, and production tooling before communicate. Our fins are available and made without resins or solvents, sell at reasonable prices despite the advanced technical expertise, and we are claiming "made in France" quality.

Are you sponsoring surfers?

We are lovers of secret spots and surf sensations sharing. If surfers and shapers want to capture sensations produced by our technology we will be very pleased and honored to modestly participate in their projects, but we will not cover someone of FYN™ logos (even if it's beautiful) or paid someone for the promotion of our system.
We have a surfer soul, and we will not sell it.

FYN surf team