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an incredible patented system.

The innovation of this new generation of surf fin resides in the ADAC system™ technology developed by FYN™ (patented). This concept works as a smart rudder or a wing modern plane, that modifies and adjusts its attack angle to follow the trajectory sought. DYNAMIC fin adapts itself to your various phases, turns or accelerations on waves. This unique aeronautics system optimizes the profile and the direction angle of the fin by combining ideally the properties of five materials that compose it.


speed than a non dynamic fin


energy in pump than a static fin


Naturals sensations to improve manœuvrability

The auto-orientability of the DYNAMIC fin reduce the distance you need to perform a move. Indeed the fin adapts itself at your movement during a curve, during a below wave move or a radical up move. Fins action’s moves natural pivot rotation in your spine and the rail of your board.

Manœuvrability DYNAMIC surf fin

tighter and faster curves

Energy DYNAMIC surf fin

curves without speed loss

DYNAMIC surf fin front
DYNAMIC surf fin rear



In rapid waves sections, when you sticks to the wave in research of speed, the lesser component of vertical skid is exploited by the fin to propels you faster.

Add life to your board

Like a dolphin fin, each of your laterals movements applied to your fin is transcribed in projection. Perform a pump movement and you'll be powered as never before! DYNAMIC fin and his ADAC system™ will provides you an animal surf sensation.

1 N

push for static fin

2 N

push for dynamic fin

Paddle faster, surf more

During the paddling, the alternative movements of your arms generates natural waves, that, associated with the DYNAMIC fin, create a movement pushing forward: ideal before your pop up or during a fast placement to the peak.
The articulate shape of the DYNAMIC fin will give you new sensations.
DYNAMIC surf fin design


Low profile impact

All this technology is assembled in a low profile impact designed in France by FYN™. The best hydrodynamic profile with thins borders inspired by modern airplane and developed to improve your surf performances.


thin trailing edges


thickest part of the profile


Safety is a performance

During a fall, or in too crowded surf spot, the classic fin is your first enemy. That’s why DYNAMIC surf fin have an articulate shape, a smooth and flex skin and fuzes parts that protect you and your board from impacts and injuries.
Soft materials and fuse parts for limited damages.
DYNAMIC fin is available in Carbon version for ultimate performances and for extreme lightness!

Our values

We develop and sell technologies in respect of our surfer soul.


designed and made in local


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customer satisfaction target


Eco-responsible approaches of production and delivery

DYNAMIC fin is available in FCS, Future and US box fixation system.