Security and perfomances!

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Do not sacrifice your safety or your performance
Opt for a safe high performance surf fin.


Materials combination for unparalleled performances

The combination of our two high-end rigid and flexible materials allows us to offer a unique design and unparalleled performances.
The injection of a polymer filled with fiberglass or carbon (STATIC carbon version) combined with the soft skin offers a wing structure never seen in surf industry.

Energy DYNAMIC surf fin

extrem resistance

Energy DYNAMIC surf fin

lightest surf fin on the market (at comparable surface)

Performance & security

Combine ultimate performance and safety

The flexible edge of our STATIC fins offers a unique flow grip and the flexible razor leak edge reduces wing end disturbances
The era of dangerous surf fins is over!

Manœuvrability DYNAMIC surf fin

safety edges

Energy DYNAMIC surf fin

flexible ultra-thin leak edge (real thickness)

Energy DYNAMIC surf fin

disruption reducing winglet

DYNAMIC surf fin front
DYNAMIC surf fin rear


A powerful wing

The profile of our surf fin is optimized for powerful as soft surf.
Optimal control at all times on slow or hollow waves.

Unique design for unique surfers

We design wings not wind. It's time for you to take control of your own vision of surfing.
A new vision based on performance and sensations. Safe and effective fins for incredible and reasoned surfers.

Available in two sizes

Two sizes of fins available, to adapt to all configurations.





Polymer injected and loaded with carbon fibers. Extremely light!

Our values

We develop and sell technologies in respect of our surfer soul.


designed and made in local


clear prices policies


customer satisfaction target


Eco-responsible approaches of production and delivery

STATIC fin is available in FCS and Future fixation system.